Frequently Asked Questions
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Using Spyware Terminator Internet Guard

Why should I increase my ranking?

Increasing your rank status lets you build a good reputation for helping Internet users find trustworthy websites and protect against online scams, untrustworthy links, etc. All Spyware Terminator Internet Guard users are ranked according to the total number of ratings they have provided as shown in the chart below. Each user’s rank is displayed on their profile. The weight of their posts is assigned according to each rank level.

The current user levels and the ranking point range for each are:

Ranking Total Ratings Weight of posts
Unregistered user 1
Standard member 0 - 100 3
Bronze member 100 - 200 5
Silver member 200 - 300 10
Gold member 300 - 500 15
Platinum member 500 and more 20